Uganda Adds 112MW to National Grid to Ease Outages


Uganda’s energy sector added to its energy generation surplus this year as new power stations went live.

Meanwhile user demand projections have increased but rising power tariffs have denied several people access to electricity, while transmission and distribution challenges mean power blackouts remain a key feature in many households.

The country’s installed generation capacity is estimated at 960 megawatts while active generation capacity stands at 700 megawatts according to energy industry sources.

This scenario points to idle generation capacity suffered by the large hydro power plants and small thermal generation facilities.

In comparison, the country’s peak power demand levels have grossed 640 megawatts this year, a figure that translates into a modest surplus of 60MW on the national grid.

Industrial users account for nearly 70 per cent of Uganda’s electricity consumption basket, distribution statistics show while new factories and industrial plants that are in the pipeline are expected to wipe out the surplus in less than five years, sources hinted.

This offers investors motivation for more energy projects.

“The small electricity surplus on the national grid is not sustainable because of pending demand pressures from new factories and production plants already in the pipeline.