Sudan: Minister of Agriculture reiterates support to states’ ministers agriculture for technological packages application


The Minister of Agriculture and Forests Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al-Dekheiri has stressed his support to the Ministers of Agriculture in the states for the application and use of technology and indigenization of seeds, provision of improved seeds for agricultural producers.
The minister said, when he addressed Sunday the opening Session of The Coordinative Conference the States’ Ministers of Agriculture under the slogan (The Efficiency of Agricultural Technologies’ Application to Increase Production and Export Subsidy) being held at the Department of Planning and Agricultural Economics in Khartoum, that the natural resources must be preserved, particularly in the field of Tree Campaign, which was announced by the First Vice President of the Republic in the recent forest conference on retrieving prosperity to the forest sector through cooperation with partners and the community entities.
Prof. Al-Dekheiri explained importance of capacity building and efficiency raising in the center and the state to increase the cultivated areas to augment production and productivity, stressing importance of statistics, information and informatics in the agricultural field, referring to their plan to cultivate 50% of the targeted areas this year by the use and application of agricultural technologies.
The minister hoped that this conference to come out with tight program and a clear plan to be implemented and applied, revealing that the ministry’s vision is to make the agricultural sector as a developed sector able to achieve food security and community welfare.
He said that the ministry has been accustom to hold these consultative meetings and coordination with the states for making the agriculture a locomotive of growth in the country and to increase production and productivity to realize the goals of the Five-Year Economic Program (2015- 2019) on the State Reform.